Who We Are

Aloha and Welcome to Burman Woodcraft, a family of Functional Artists.

Grandpa Burman was a boat builder in the early 1900's and his grandson Matthew Burman continues to use his grandfather's hand planes today to create one of a kind woodcraft. With a passion for Woodworking and Masonry, the Burman's love to make creative and beautiful art that is useful in day to day living.

"We believe in enhancing a wood's natural beauty!"

What we Can Do

"At Burman Woodcraft it is our goal to remain consistently creative."

We do this by making and crafting a variety of products and installments such as: 

  • Craftsman Style Furniture
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry
  • Fireplace Mantles
  • Yoga Blocks and Props
  • Stand Up Paddles
  • Functional Art
  • Garden Benches and Gates
  • Custom Design Consultation and Fabrication



Kitchens, Bathrooms



Bedrooms, Seating, Mantles, Islands


Yoga Blocks and Props

Blocks, Meditation Benches, Forward Bending props


Functional Art

Paddles, Cutting Boards, and many others

Head over to our Gallery page to see more photos of these and many other products and projects! 

How We Do It

Everything you see on this website and in our store has been hand-crafted with love, patience, and precision to create one of kind pieces of functional art. We look forward to working with you on your dream designs.